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Initial defection:
We will replace orders with initial defection, and please contact us within 7 days of receipt.
If you've used the item, we may not guarantee the free replacement to the damage.

Return policy
Restrictions of returned goods and exchange
1 Please offer within seven days to us after receiving packing, if you want to return the goods.
2 We refuse the returned goods of the used item.
3 We refuse return of an item without the selling condition.
4 You have to pay all costs required for returned goods.
5 We will not repay shipping charges and handling charge.
6 We will deduct a remittance charge from refund.
7 We will repay, after receiving returned goods.
8 We will repay by Indonesia IDR balance, when payment of you is except the Indonesia IDR.
9 The rate applied to refund is an international rate of refund that day.

When goods are exchanged
1) Shipping fee (From You, To Us) Please pay.
2) Shipping fee (From Us, To You) Please pay.
3) Even if the difference arises, we cannot repay the difference.
4) When returning the item sent by free shipping., we bill to you shipping charges.
5) When returning the item sent by discount shipping., we bill to you difference of shipping charges.
6) Please be sure to write it to an invoice as "returned goods".
If a customs duty is required of us from a Indonesia customhouse, We will not receive packing.
The packing will be returned to you.