Shimano reel 16 super - aero kiss special superfine

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"HAGANE" gear: press metal clusters at a pressure of about 200 tons and finish with precision in microns without cutting. A unique technique called precision cold forging produces a hard, tenacious gear, enabling smooth winding.

X-SHIP: Increase in diameter of drive gear, optimal arrangement of pinion and drive gears, and 2 point support by pinion gear bearings. The engagement of these robust gears holds a light reeling that is strong against the load.

"HAGANE" Body: Metal such as aluminum and magnesium with high rigidity is reduced to the limit, while firmly suppressing deflection, distortion, and twisting of the reel. It enables smooth reeling with less power loss.

Core Protect: Place water repellent treatment (polka dots effect) that creates polka dots and water in each part, and blocks water and foreign matter from entering the body while maintaining rotation response and lightness. There are three places for mounting, stopper bearings, body, and line rollers arranged between the rotor and the body. Non-contact seals do not wear off lightly and performance is kept for a long time. By flattening the body fitting surface, adding water repellency treatment, and eliminating the stopper lever, the infiltration of water is controlled not only from the front of the body but also from the side and back, and the initial performance of rotation is retained for a long time.

G Free Body: The spinning reel incorporates a part called "worm shaft" that converts to the back and forth motion of the spool under the rotational motion of the drive gear. Conventionally, it is contained in the lower part of the body, but NEW Stella placed this worm shaft above the drive gear and closer to the rod. As the center of gravity of the reel rose and approached to hand, the weight of the reel was reduced, the feeling of unity with the rod increased, and the sense of unity with Angler increased more than anything else.

Unleash the unexplored color. Feeling, a different dimension response to distance traveled. Shinsei Kiss Special that slightly exceeds common sense. Shimano kiss Fishing reel flagship model "Super Aero Kiss Special" is a full model change. Newly adopted a "parallel body" that reduces interference between rod and line for further improvement of distant throwing power while trying to make thorough weight reduction without losing rigidity and balance. Besides the body, the design rebuilt to the steering wheel, including the spool boldly carved out to impress the pursuit of lightness brings a unique light feeling of casting. In addition to adopting "HAGANE Gear" and "HAGANE Body" in addition to the harsh use at the surf, we are strengthening the waterproofing and dustproofing to the line roller and the roller clutch part, and the durability by sand and salt garbage Significantly improved. The more you cast it, the more you will be exposed to tough conditions, you will be able to feel the same feeling as its lightness. Lineup of two models of the "Competition Edition Model" equipped with "Super Slow 10" suitable for faraway athletes looking at the tournament seeking the distance to fly further, and Standard Oscillation model seeking trouble-free in actual fishing Then, the new generation "Kiss Special" appears.


  • Gear ratio: 3.2
  • Allowable proof strength (kg): 20
  • Weight (g): 360
  • Spool size (diameter mm / stroke mm): 73.5 / 35
  • Mounting spool: No. 0.8 / spool: 0.8
  • PE thread winding amount (No. - m): 0.6-250, 0.8-200, 1 - 160
  • Average maximum winding length (cm / one turn of handle): 76
  • Handle length (mm): 70
  • Number of bearings (SA - RB / roller): 8/1
  • Sand protector (included)