Hardy Commerative CASCAPEDIA & BRUNSWICK Fly Reels MINT

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Hardy Commerative CASCAPEDIA & BRUNSWICK Fly Reels MINT

This exquisitely finished collection, and hand-built multiplier salmon fly reel is numbered where we believe that only 500 were made worldwide. Each reel is individually numbered, and was made by one of four Hardy master craftsmen, who together lay claim to 116 years of reel making experience. The maker's (Hardy employee) name is commemorated alongside the limited edition numbers on the stainless steel medallions on the winding plate. Another medallion displays the royal warrant of HRH The Prince of Wales, an honor which has been granted by successive generations of royalty to the present day. 

This highly prized collection of two of the most world famous reels ever made by Hardy, and perhaps, the most collectable and rarest of all the reels ever made by Hardy would look outstanding in any Hardy fly reel collection when displayed in the most prominent of positions therein for all onlookers to gaze and envy. These rare fly reels are a collector's dream! For the Hardy Bros., Ltd. fly reel collectors, this Commerative Edition of two of the most sought after Hardy fly reels ever made~~~Well, for the collector who has all the best that money can buy~~~NO you don't until you purchase this collection. Then you are entitled to say: "I own them all"! 

The drums are made from highly polished bar-stock aluminum. The side-plates are polished ebonite, the rims are stainless steel, the reel seats are brass nickel, and the pillars, drag selectors, and check buttons are finished in nickel silver.  

The S-shaped handles have been carefully counter-balanced to prevent the slightest shudder in a reel running at high speed. When a hooked fish finally turns at the end of a long run, the multiplier allows fast take-up of any slack in the line. The drag selectors can be adjusted to seven different levels, and the check buttons allow for an audible click or silent operation as preferred.