Miya Epoch COMMAND CZ-30 Offshore Big Game

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Miya Epoch COMMAND CZ-30 Offshore Big Game Deep Fishing Electric Reel DC24V

PE line, will provide cheap. Please ask. Please tell us also line setting.

English manual included.

Power DC-24V.

Line Capacity (# -m) NEW deep sensor PE Line # 15-1,600m # 20-1,200m # 30-900m.

Drag strength 40kg ~ 110kg. Maximum instantaneous Reeling force 120kg. Sustainable Reeling force 65kg.

Maximum Reeling speed / no load 120m / minute. Hand Reeling gear ratio: 1: 3.18. Consumption current 0.8 ~ 12A.

Operating temperature -10 ℃ ~ 80 ℃. Backlash prevention method: sound brake. 10 ball bearings. Reel own weight 6.3kg.

Electronic control: New fishing power control, gunwale stop, depth storage slow start, slow stop, continuously variable transmission (pause, the minimum speed - the fastest).

Safety equipment: + - polarity protection, overload stop control, battery voltage drop detection, overvoltage detection.

Accessories: power cord, series code. Reel size (W × H × Dmm) 290 × 150 × 220mm.

Target fish: tuna, deep sea big game